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  • Public Holiday Operating Hours

    Please be aware of our adjusted operating hours on Monday 13 March

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    Our next members breakfast will be held on Tuesday 28 February

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  • Health Club

    Accessible 24 hours a day, 7 days a week

    Staffed hours:

    • Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm
    • Weekends 8am - 5pm

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  • Aquatics

    Aquatic Facilities (includes pools, warm water, spa, steam room & sauna)

    • Monday - Friday 6am - 8:30pm
    • Weekends 8am - 6:30pm


    • Monday - Friday 4pm - 7pm
    • Weekends 10am - 5pm

    Splash Park

    • Monday - Friday 9am - 7pm
    • Weekends 8am - 6pm



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  • General facility opening hours

    • Monday - Friday 6am - 9pm
    • Weekends 8am - 7pm


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Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safe Measures

Leisure Centre Coronavirus (COVID-19) Safe Measures

How we'll keep you safe

As part of the reopening of our services we are following State Government directions and we will operate with new conditions to protect your health and safety.

We will provide:

  • Regular preventive cleaning and sanitisation of all areas
  • Monitored daily cleaning checklists
  • Hand-sanitiser stations

We need your help

Help us keep our facilities safe by:

  • Following hygiene practices by thoroughly washing or sanitising hands before and after using facilities and equipment
  • After use, wipe down and clean equipment and surfaces with the cleaning equipment provided
  • Maintaining a 1.5 metre distance between each other.
  • Not visiting centres if you are unwell
  • Arriving prepared. This includes wearing appropriate clothing, swimwear, footwear and bringing your own towel and drink bottle (no glass).
  • Adhering to capacity requirements and time restrictions for use of equipment and facilities
  • Treating everyone with respect, aggressive or inappropriate behaviour will not be tolerated
  • Following direction and requests from staff.

Other Information

During the closure period our team has been working hard to implement important changes to our operations. These changes will not only help us comply with government requirements, but also ensure we are providing a safe, healthy and comfortable environment for our members, guests and staff at Brimbank leisure Centres.

Cleaning and Sanitisation

Full Centre

  • We will complete a full facility sanitation and clean prior to our re-opening.
  • We will work with our cleaning contractor to ensure cleaning is completed to the highest of standards.
  • Additional cleaning and sanitising time will be scheduled for our staff members during operational hours.

Gym Floor and Group Fitness

  • Overnight cleaners will completely disinfect gym floor and all gym/group fitness equipment after hours.
  • Members and guests will be instructed to completely disinfect each machine/piece of equipment after each use and/or class.
  • Additional disinfectant, wipes and hand sanitiser will be provided throughout the gym floor and in group fitness rooms.
  • Gym Staff will disinfect computer, radio and phone after each gym appointment. 
  • Gym Staff will continuously sanitise machines and equipment between appointments.
  • As always, all gym users and group fitness participants MUST bring and use their own gym towel.


  • Aquatic Operation Staff will regularly clean and sanitise all surfaces and 'touch-points'.
  • Where equipment is used, Swimming Teachers and/or Aquatic Operation Staff will ensure all equipment is washed and sanitised between classes and/or casual use.
  • Cleaning schedule for toilets and change facilities will be increased to hourly intervals.
  • Swimming Pool water testing will be conducted in line with Royal Life Saving Society Australia's Guidelines for Safe Pool Operations.

Hygiene and Physical Distancing

Full Centre

  • Restrictions on the number of people allowed to be in the facility (or areas of the facility) will be set in line with Government regulations and/or our facility risk assessments. This may mean that you need to book in advance or queue to enter the facility.
  • Total facility occupant limits may result in some aspects of the facilities not being available.
  • Time limits will be placed on visits to the facility to allow more patrons to utilise the facility, if facility number restrictions are in place.
  • All patrons are to respect our staff and other patron's health and wellbeing by providing 1.5m of physical distance between themselves and others.
  • The path of travel throughout the facility will be slightly modified to help reduce the need to pass in close proximity to other patrons. 

Gym Floor

  • A reduced number of cardio equipment will be available for use to provide more space for each patron.
  • Gym Staff will monitor use of other machines that cannot be moved to ensure members and guests allow for 1.5m of physical distancing.
  • Health consultations and other fitness appointments will not be conducted in the confines of the gym office.
  • 24 hour access may be restricted in line with government regulations and/or our facility risk assessments.
  • Body Composition Scales to be cleaned and sanitised after each use and will only be available during pre-booked appointments.
  • Time limits may be reduced on cardio machines to allow more patrons to utilise equipment if total visitation times are capped.
  • Our drink fountains will not be available, Members and Guests are encouraged to bring their own drink bottle or purchase bottled water from our vending machine to ensure they remain hydrated.
  • Gym Staff and users will be welcome to wear gloves and masks if they wish to do so.
  • As always, all gym users MUST bring and use their own gym towel.

Group Fitness

  • A 4 square metre rule will be enforced for all classes which will most likely result in reduced occupancy for each class.
  • Classes are to be pre-booked online via our new Client Portal.
  • Seating will be removed in the Group Fitness foyer area to avoid congregating
  • The duration of classes may be reduced to allow us to provide more opportunities for people to attend. e.g a 60 minute class may be reduced to 30 minutes.
  • Group Fitness Instructors will inform participants on hygiene expectations and measures, which may change as restrictions become more relaxed.
  • Participants are encouraged to bring their own mats and equipment where safe and possible to do so. If our equipment is used, the participant is expected to clean the equipment thoroughly with provided disinfection spray.
  • Our drink fountains will not be available, Members and Guests are encouraged to bring their own drink bottle or purchase bottled water from our vending machine to ensure they remain hydrated.
  • As always, all group fitness participants MUST bring and use their own gym towel.


  • All Aquatic users are to shower at home before visting the centre.
  • Entry to the Aquatic area will be via the change room village only.
  • Seating around pool deck will be reduced and/or spaced out.
  • No gathering of people will be allowed in pools or on pool deck.
  • Additional hand sanitiser stations will be made available.
  • Our drink fountains will not be available, Members and Guests are encouraged to bring their own drink bottle or purchase bottled water from our vending machine to ensure they remain hydrated.
  • Aquatic users should arrive and leave in swim wear to reduce time needed in change rooms. 
  • Numbers may be capped in specific areas of the facility. e.g People per swimming lane / people per change room etc.
  • Spa and Steam Room will remain closed until further notice.

Learn to Swim

  • Ratios in classes will be reduced to promote physical distancing in line with industry guidelines and/or facility risk assessments.
  • Instructor to inform participants of expectations and hygiene measures while in class and/or the facility.
  • Participants are to bring their own equipment where possible and safe to do so.
  • No gatherings on pool deck.
  • Swimming Teachers will teach from pool deck when safe and possible to do so. This will depend on age and swimming ability of group.
  • Swimming Teachers will aim to avoid using any equipment during classes.
  • Participants to maintain 1.5m distance at all times from others.

Our Health

  • Staff have been instructed not to come to work if they are feeling unwell or feverish.
  • Members and Guests are urged not to come to the facility if you are unwell, have a fever or should be self-isolating due to any government regulation.

DHHS Information

If you are looking for specific up-to-date information or advice about Coronavirus (COVID-19) visit the Victorian Government Department of Health and Human Services (DHHS) website. Their information is regularly updated and provides specific health and medical advice, including targeted information for:


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