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  • 13/05/24
    Tailgating at Brimbank Leisure

    Information regarding our tailgating policy

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  • Tailgating at Brimbank Leisure
    Tailgating at Brimbank Leisure

    Members prohibited from allowing unauthorised access to patrons

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Tailgating at Brimbank Leisure

Members prohibited from allowing unauthorised access to patrons

Tailgating at Brimbank Leisure

Commencing this week, Brimbank Leisure staff and contracted security will begin monitoring after hour access to our facilities. This is being done in an effort to increase safety for all visitors and to ensure that only paying members are accessing the facility.

The Tailgating Policy prohibits members from allowing unauthorised access to patrons. This includes opening doors for others without proper authorisation. 

We are actively monitoring access points through CCTV surveillance. Members caught tailgating will face a $250 fine and temporary account suspension until the fine is settled. 

We want to emphasise that this action is strictly against our facilities terms and conditions for several important reasons: 

  1. Security Concerns: Allowing unauthorised individuals into our 24/7 gym poses a significant security risk to our members and facilities. 
  2. Liability Issues: Any unauthorised access compromises our liability coverage and can lead to potential legal implications. 
  3. Violation of Membership Agreement: By facilitating unauthorised access, you are in breach of the membership agreement you signed with us. 
  4. Fairness to All Members: Access to our 24/7 facilities is a privilege granted to members who adhere to our policies, ensuring fairness and safety for everyone. 

As valued members, we rely on your cooperation in adhering to this policy. Your vigilance and commitment to following the rules contribute to a safe and enjoyable experience for everyone. 

Please help us create a safe and secure place to work out by reporting incidents of tailgating here. They will be reviewed by management and addressed accordingly.


What does this mean for you?
Please ensure that all members visiting the facility bring their active membership wristband. It is a requirement that each member scans themselves into the facility, even when attending with another member. You may be asked to rescan your wristband upon entry if you have entered with your friend/partner.

If you have lost your wristband, you will not be granted entry so please visit the facility during staffed hours to be given a new wristband.

What exceptions will be made for members?
While we want to ensure member access is as smooth as possible, our contracted security guards do not have access to our membership database/ systems and cannot confirm your membership status. Security will not permit access to the facility unless your membership band is present, active and working at our entry point. If you have any questions relating to your access please contact the Memberships team at Memberships@brimbank.vic.gov.au 

What happens if I allow another person to visit the facility with me?
In line with our membership terms and conditions, members will be charged $250 and memberships will either be suspended until payment is made or revoked if they are found to let in another person. Please note that the terms and conditions state this will apply to members allowing any person (member or non-member) into the facility. This is why it is critical that each member scans in at entry and if you have lost your membership wristband to get a new one at reception during staffed hours.

What can you do to assist?
If you witness tailgating or suspicious behaviour, you can report it! We will have QR codes on the TV screens as well as posters around the gym that can be used to report instances of tailgating. You can also access this reporting tool through our website using this link: https://bawc.brimbank.vic.gov.au/health-and-fitness/24-h-gym

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